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Psychology Cabinet

Entering higher education is a stage marked by change and it can lead to new situations and unpredicted events that may result in a more difficult adaptation process. And since it is not always possible for students to solve their social, emotional and/or academic obstacles without help, the Polytechnic of Coimbra students may count on specialised psychological support at the Social Service Psychology Cabinet.

Its mission is to promote the psychological well-being for all the students of the six IPC Schools/Institutes that may use it.

The Psychology Cabinet may help in:

- difficulties adapting to academic life;

- anxiety in assessment situations;

- poor academic results;

- social skills difficulties;

- profound sadness or depression;

- vocational problems

- stress/phobia;

- food and sleep disorders;

- social isolation;

- difficulties in emotional relationships,

- etc…



The appointments are free and can be scheduled at the Social Service Cabinets, via phone 239 791 241, or e-mail to (link sends e-mail).

Information available at