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The Gastronomy Program results of the involvement of several colleges of the IPC and the strengthening of already existing partnership with Turismo de Portugal through the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Coimbra (EHTC) (EHTC).These synergies provide this degree with a specialized group of professors in different areas of knowledge and the use of high level facilities and equipment, fully tailored to the needs of the degree unit courses, existing at ESEC and EHTC. The network of partnerships and agreements with institutions operating in the sector is an important facilitator of R & D activities, and participation of renowned chefs and entrepreneurs in this field. ESEC is aware of the challenge inherent in submitting a proposal in an innovative and unique area as gastronomy, and thus we have an active participation of international renowned consultants, integrated into universities with which ESEC already has cooperation agreements, since the preparation this degree.

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The course aims to train professionals able to work at the operational and commercial level concerning gastronomic products and to train professionals with adequate skills in order for them to work with autonomy and creativity while promoting the culture, history and gastronomic traditions as to preserve the regional and national identity. This course also aims to develop a strategic thinking regarding the organization and management of gastronomic products emphasizing sustainability, creativity, and tradition and train a body of skilled professionals that are able to undertake advanced studies and scientific research in the gastronomy field of study.

Course Director

Adília Rita Cabral de Carvalho




6 semesters



Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES (Created by the Portuguese Statewith the purpose of promoting and ensuring the quality of higher education)

Process number: NCE/14/00351
Result: Accredited
Accreditation years: 6
Publishing Date: 23-03-2015